Our family has followed the tradition of producing high quality wines for many generations. If we are still meeting this challenge today, it is because we are proud of our products which express unparalleled strength of character through their aromas and tannins.

Our aspiration is that these wines, which originate from the heart of our family venture, delight you at your table and accompany your family celebrations as well as your meetings between friends.


An ancient history

A very old document relates that a so-called “Hortala” was producing wine at Cruscades in 985 ! More recently, archives have permitted to follow the history of the family estate over many centuries. Plots which we cultivate today have belonged to the same family since the 18th century.

The preservation of this precious heritage is essential for the younger generation. After intense considerations and at the price of a complete and rigorous restructuring, a family group of 26 associates has been constituted with the commitment of each member to contribute to the venture. The family, united in a common project, is fully involved in the decision making processes, and invests itself with enthusiasm. Annual general meetings, vines pruning and harvest are excellent occasions to gather in the large ancestral home.


Family : source of multiple skills

Given the large number of family members wishing to engage in the project, we have a pool of talents with all the skills necessary to its development. Thus, Olivia is designing the graphics and labels, Joel is responsible for the creation of the website and setting up a sales management tool to share on the web, Muriel, Erich, Katrin and Christina have supported the translation of technical documents in English and German. Finally, Colette enrolled in a master degree on "Wine trading".
Bernard is reporting back to the family via newletters providing a general overview of all the activities in the field.


The village festival "Cruscadelle"

During the Cruscadelle, the village Festival which takes place the last Sunday of July, winemakers come together to promote their wines. This is an excellent opportunity to participate in the life of the village. A collective meal is organised in the garden of the property under the shadow of linden trees. This is a great opportunity for guests to enjoy Hortala wines served by the younger dressed as "vignerons de Corbières."


Cruscadelle 1

Our valors

We have reflected as a family on the values underlying our business. We have synthesised the ideas of each member to establish a list that constitutes a kind of family charter :

  • Passion, fortitude, and hard work
  • Continuation of family tradition
  • Teamwork and connection between generations
  • Respect for nature, well-being and healthfulness
  • Quality
  • Créativity and innovation
  • Ethical business practices


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